On Monday, July 17th, another PMO-CP certification course was held in the city of São Paulo, with the presence of 47 professionals from various regions of Brazil.

“I see today the PMO VALUE RING as a very consolidated methodology that is constantly evolving, thanks to this great community with more than 5 thousand professionals who are always discussing and applying what can be improved.” – said Mario Trentim, one of our newest certified consultants, and global director of the PMI Educational Foundation.

The PMO VALUE RING CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER certification aims to ensure that the certified professional has full mastery of the essential concepts of the methodology, as well as the basic techniques for the definition of application strategies, use of the method, analysis of results, decision making, and definition of solutions.

The professional will be aligned with the best practices for PMOs, and fully trained in the methodology, making it possible to use them on a daily basis.

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