London, September 12, 2017


PMO Global Alliance is proud to announce that Wellingtone Project Management was officially nominated as our Platinum Regional Solution Partner in the UK for the consulting, training and certification practices with the PMO VALUE RING methodology.

“As our official partner in the UK, Wellingtone will offer its clients a competency center with accredited consultants in the implementation of the PMO VALUE RING methodology, which means a total alignment with the most modern practices for PMOs and a strong focus on value generation.”, says Americo Pinto, Chair of PMO Global Alliance.

In the coming months, Wellingtone will launch the first PMO-CP (PMO VALUE RING Certified Practitioner) certification classes in the UK, with the special participation of Americo Pinto, leader of the research project that created the methodology.  The PMO-CP certified professionals have proven their knowledge in the advanced practices proposed by the methodology. This certification has been spreading rapidly around the world, since its principles are remarkably useful and of a broad practical application.

Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton, Director of Consulting Services at Wellingtone says: “We are extremely pleased to have secured this partnership with the PMO Global Alliance. Our team at Wellingtone is handpicked for being fanatical about what they do and the PMO Value Ring and further research we will do with the PMO Global Alliance will aid in our mission to be thought-leaders in the PMO industry.”

PMO Global Alliance believes the partnership with Wellingtone will be a significant step towards enabling UK organizations to learn more about the PMO VALUE RING methodology and understand all the benefits and value it can bring.


About Wellingtone

Wellingtone is a specialist Project Management company, based in Windsor, working with clients across the UK and internationally for more than 20 years.

As one of the most important service companies in the UK, Wellingtone also offers consulting, training and recruitment services, and it is accredited and awarded by organizations such as APM (Association for Project Management), Microsoft and REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation).

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About the PMO VALUE RING Methodology

The PMO VALUE RING methodology was developed with the participation of successful PMO leaders with a high level of maturity, with the objective of developing a solution to support the creation, revision, and operation of PMOs, focusing on the generation of actual value for organizations. It is based on extensive benchmarking with the experience of professionals from different countries, providing recommendations and guiding the PMO configuration from successful experiences

The PMO VALUE RING methodology is available at


About PMO Global Alliance

PMO Global Alliance (PMOGA) is a company that manages a global community of PMO professionals and, based on the collaborative work of our members, develops solutions such as the PMO VALUE RING methodology, based on the collective intelligence of the community. Our mission is to support the professional development of our members through mutual support, networking, advanced research, and an intensive exchange of experiences.

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